This thing called fascia


What is this stuff?

Have you heard about this spider web stuff, this stuff that connects everything with everything in our bodies. This stuff that just until a few years ago  was pretty much ignored and referred to as that packing material stuff. 

This stuff is called Fascia. And Fascia is indeed like packing material (but only far more complex) inside each and every one of us. It surrounds and hosts muscles, bones, blood vessels, organs,nerves, glands and the spinal cord. It connects everything with each other, it actually holds it all together as it is a supportive system. It is mostly formed by elastic collagen fibres and a liquid called extracellular matrix.  

This fascia is meant to slide and glide through and with movement. Actually fascia needs movement to stay hydrated and malleable. It should always retain a certain springiness.

Like everything else fascia needs TLC!

However through trauma (both physical and emotional) inflicting inflammation in these tissues, they can lose their slide and glide and can get stuck which can cause pain and dysfunction in the body.

Pregnancy and birth both leave trauma in the tissue and it is now more than ever important to practice myofascial release. This can be done by a body-worker who works with fascial unwinding techniques, like a highly experienced massage therapist or a Rolfer. My recommendation would be to see someone who practices this work on postpartum women as part of any self-care plan. But it is also something that you can practise yourself to some extent and it is part of the VONLATES program.

We use a foam roller and trigger point balls to soften and hydrate these tissues so they can get their gliding action back which ultimately allows your body to move into optimal alignment and promotes optimal function and health.

It is vital to get the fascial system to work smoothly in order to the strengthen the body.

We must release and restore first and this is why the VONLATES program works and is so popular with all the hundreds of mums that have tried it already.

In fact many of the mums that I have worked with also said it is their favourite part of the program and sometimes that is all they want to do.

This section in the program is called Release & Breathe. And can be practised everyday for a few minutes to help the fascia stay healthy and to allow for a real sense of well-being.

Start your recovery journey today and feel great in a body that works.

If you like to learn more about fascia watch Tom Myers ( aka the fascia Guru) give a talk at Google about the Fascia system.


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