The Program

12 Weeks. 4 Modules

VONLATES is a holistic birth recovery program for every Mama, no matter how far postpartum. From releasing the tights bits, mobilising the underused parts, stabilising the whole structure, healing, breathing, strengthening, nourishing your body with whole body movement and healthy food. The program entails easy to follow exercise videos and guided audio meditations created by some of the best professionals out there especially for you.

Each week has the following sections

Breath & Release

Learning the right breathing and myofascial release techniques using trigger point balls and a foam roller to get rid of tension and tightness in the body

Core & More

Safe and easy to follow videos

Mobilise underused body parts

Reconnecting to your core muscles and strengthening your whole body

Hacks & Stacks

The no exercise but more movements section

Optimal alignment learning points

practical advice and ideas to increase daily whole body movement

Food & Mood

food lists and nutrient dense recipes for healing tissue, increasing energy and healthy weight loss

guided audio meditations for body confidence, healing and motivation

information and advice on postnatal mental health

The Strategy

Every BODY needs to release and align first before the body can strengthen and function optimally.
But even exercising alone is not enough. Your body has been shaped by all the movements or lack thereof in your life up to this very point. So we need more than exercise we need more movement Full STOP (literally).

You will learn how to bring more movement into your daily life without making extra time for it. Yes, the program has specific exercise videos for you BUT the Program is also about Movement Education and how you can ultimately incorporate more movement into your life and therefore naturally tone and strengthen your body. Because once you are in good alignment and you are active using your body in as many different ways as possible, weight loss and muscle tone are just a byproduct. A byproduct we all crave. So yes you will flatten your tummy and yes you will lose weight if you follow the program but more importantly you will be able to run after your child without a leaking pelvic floor and you will be able to carry your child because you’re STRONG and HEALTHY.

Colour of equipment may vary

You are ready to:

release tight and aching muscles

reconnect to your core

strengthen the pelvic floor and whole body

lose excess weight, eat well to heal and increase energy

improve diastasis recti and have a functional core

learn how to move well for life

look after your mental well-being

What you will get:

A birth recovery program broken down into 12 weeks/modules, you go at your own pace, program features videos, audios and info points

Two trigger point balls, one Pilates ball, one resistance band ***

access to the members site for 18 month

access to a closed facebook community group for support, motivation and accountability

*** please note the foam roller must be purchased separately for the program, AMAZON has many great options, it must be a 90 cm roller with a flat surface