Maite’s classes have been vital to helping me regain confidence to exercise and improve my core strength and stability following a difficult second delivery. It’s been amazing working with someone so knowledgable, kind and patient. I have worked with Maite over the last four years and having tried other Pilates and post-natal pilates I can honestly say her classes are the best I have been to. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her and frequently do so!

Samantha Whall
I was introduced to Maites classes when my second little boy was about 8 months old. I was craving some time to look after myself a little bit again and I didn't realise how much I needed it until I started. I had almost resigned myself to my body being a little bit broken after having children but Maite taught me this wasn't the case. Her gentle but amazingly strengthening classes have been incredible for me. My core feels stronger than possibly before children and I'm learning lots of simple but brilliant ways to look after my body and mind. She is a lovely and knowledgeable teacher.
Rachel White
Childbirth wasn’t kind to me, two beautiful children enriched my life, but left my body in a mess - pelvic floor problems, incontinence and a 3cm diastasis rectii. I’ve been going to Maite’s classes for about 3 years, and during that time Maite has guided me safely through two rounds of pelvic floor surgery and back to good health. Careful regular VonLates sessions have slowly closed my tummy gap to less than 1cm. My pelvic floor is now in a good state and I’m able to run around and join the kids on a trampoline. I can’t recommend the program highly enough, she always has great tips on how to apply her biomechanical knowledge to every day life.
Susan Luke

I started pilates with Maite after the birth of my first child and then through my second pregnancy which followed shortly afterwards, and returned again 6 weeks after the birth of my second child. She is deeply passionate about birth recovery and a very precise, experienced and knowledgable teacher who helped me safely return to full strength after two babies back-to-back. I have gained in flexibility, strength and confidence and have achieved way more than I thought possible. I felt achy, stiff and weak after the kids were born and had constant backache where bits of my back had seized up after the strains of pregnancy, but by doing regular pilates I am now pain-free!

Sara Porretta
With every class I feel my body reconnecting and slowly waking up long forgotten muscles. My favourite exercise is: the roller! Using the roller to massage the front of the thigh and the one where we lie on top of it and open across the top of the back.
Amanda Nichols
I loved the exercises on the foam roller focusing on stretching and relaxing my tense back and thighs because then I was ready to get the muscles working. (This is something I generally miss attending other Pilates classes.) I gained both a stronger body and mind. A life improving experience for sure!
Hanna Arvinius

I started classes with Maite very soon after my third baby was born and I only wish I’d started after my first! I feel so much better in myself, the weekly class allows me an hour to really pay attention to my body and stretch all the areas that get tight and sore from the inevitably relentless lifting, bending, feeding, jigging and other awkward positions I find myself in over the course of the week. The class manages to feel very serene and soothing even if all the babies are making themselves heard and that’s down to Maite who is not only incredibly knowledgable but very calming, managing to explain exactly what we need to do even while cuddling an antsy baby. It’s a real highlight of my week.

Marie Paiser
I began the program with Maite when Charlotte was 10 weeks old and I cannot recommend the classes enough. The stretching is a wonderful relief after feeding and carrying the baby and Maite knows exactly which areas to target. In addition my core strength returned along with my waist.stretching the shoulders and upper back on the foam rollers is such a relief after breastfeeding and rocking the baby to sleep all hours of the day but the real revelation was the trigger point balls on the bottom of your foot - who knew that would feel so good!
Clare Dodds
The Program is excellent and truly caters for post natal recovery and getting back in shape. Maite knows exactly what aches and pains we have and therefore what exercises are best to make that session rejuvenating. She comes from a place of positivity and happiness that extends through her instruction. I joined this the Program as a means to an end, however this is now my favourite class and has really helped strengthen my core and improved my mobility, making my gym sessions more effective as well.
Sarah Crombie

I am so glad that I joined the program as it was the perfect stepping stone to regain my strength and fitness after giving birth and be ready for the exciting next stage in life I particularly appreciate Maite sharing her knowledge on post natal care for C-section mums (who knew that we are supposed to massage our scars?) and taking care to check on the status of my diastasis and assigned the appropriate exercises accordingly, then built them up as I started to regain my strength. Her exercises are always fun and varied with the introduction of trigger point balls and foam rollers in addition to the tradition mat pilates exercises.

Carmen Cheng
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