Hi Mama and Welcome VONLATES!

Please go to the dashboard to start your program.

I am excited that you have decided to start this journey and I hope you are too. You took the first step to heal, recover and strengthen.

Please remember to go at your own pace, in many ways you can look at the 12 weeks as 12 modules that you take one at the time without pressure to complete all within one week. You do what you can do at your own pace.

HOW TO…..?

Click on The Program and select the appropriate week, all except Week 1 will have the 4 Modules, Click on the Module and you will find Info Points and/or Videos.

Note to always start with Release & Breath before you start on any other exercises and some days perhaps that is all you feel like doing ( and that is OK!). Once you have gone through all the weeks, stick with the exercises/releases you liked and mix them up. Notice what made you feel good or what gave you that release. STICK WITH IT! Leave the trigger point balls and foam roller in the room where you spend most of the time so it will remind you to take out those 5 minutes for yourself.

A general baseline on how many times to actually do the Release & Breath and Core & More exercise videos is a minimum of 2 x but better 3 x a week. Those two sections put together are less than 30 minutes, meaning it is a realistic time-frame for anyone to take out of all the hours every week (168 hours that is and even if you do get 8 hours of sleep a night, that still leaves 112 hours and to dedicate 1.5 hours is doable). Later on in the Program there is a also a quick Mama HIIT class and in addition to a full length Glasshouse class as well.

Is 90 min a week enough? It is a great starting point as we are focusing on reconnecting to muscles that might feel like they don’t exist anymore. To help you bring more movement into your life is the Hacks & Stacks section. Walk more and move more parts of your body whenever possible and in good alignment. This is more challenging as it means to start forming new habits, please stay with it, you can set an alarm, leave a note on the bathroom mirror or find a buddy etc., as ultimately this is the part that will change your body for life ( YES, you can be that grandmother that still climbs trees at 87 years young). Food and Mood will help with ideas on how to put together a balanced and nutrient dense meal ( YES WITH CARBS AND CHOCOLATE as this is not an unrealistic diet plan) and listening to a short audio meditation before you go to sleep aims to look after all those crazy and not helpful thoughts running through your head.

A line you heard a 1000 times and you probably have said it yourself;


You absolutely can and this program is designed to help you to get there.

Enjoy the journey!