I want my body back!

The question is…why where did it go? Has anyone see it? Body where are you?

Alright, I admit I am being obnoxious or am I?

I have heard this statement so many times and every single time I want to shout “Your body is AMAZING!!! Look what your body did, it made, grew and birthed a human being.

Can’t we just be kind to our bodies,  respect and treat them with loving care and be proud of what our bodies have achieved?

You can’t even tell she had a baby!

It doesn’t help that the media keeps feeding us with images of Celebrity X flaunting an unnatural flat tummy at day 21 postpartum, applauding a body that shows no signs that a baby was ever involved in it. Gee, look at that body! You wouldn’t even know she had a baby.

Ahm, excuse me, my body did this and I want you to know I had a baby. Why do you want to hide the fact that your body has done the most miraculous thing? Which BTW made you a total WARRIOR MAMA!

The new mum feeling weak, tired and lacking body confidence ends up skipping carbs and trying the latest high impact exercises craze to get her “body back” is the ultimate recipe for postnatal depression and injury. Stop fuelling it, people!

Have respect and admire the postpartum body for what it has achieved. Yes, it is a different body it is better for what it has achieved.

No more Mummy Tummy

I will always remember one of my first clients that had booked a few sessions privately to flatten that mummy tummy. The first thing she did when I arrived in her home was to show me pictures of herself in a bikini in her early twenties. Her body meanwhile had three beautiful and healthy babies.

Her diastasis was at 2.5 cm and functional, and she was in great shape by any standard.

However this is not what she saw, she was showing me her tummy using words like disgusting. This is obviously an extreme case, not quite body dysmorphia but not too far off either. The thing is that the work involved to change society’s perception of the postnatal body is huge and I am calling upon all of you, my sisters, to start in your community and inspire your own circle of mum friends. Love your body, look after it, care for it, nourish it, admire it,  move it and let it HEAL. It is the greatest instrument you’ll ever own.

This is why the VONLATES  program works. Let strong & healthy be the new sexy!


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