My name is Maite, the creator of VONLATES and a Mama just like you. In 2014 I had the best day of my life, my daughter was born. The best day despite having to have an emergency C-section. The original ‘plan’ was a home water birth but as you probably know by now birthing plans rarely ever go to plan.

I never felt disappointed or robbed of not having the birthing experienced I planned for as the most amazing miracle was lying in my arms. I always think of the scar as a ‘tattoo like mark’ on my body, reminding me of that day. All warriors carry their scars with pride and so am I; a Strong Warrior Mama.

One thing I was surprised by was my physical weakness, I felt completely disconnected to my previously strong core (this is where I should probably mention that I am a Pilates teacher), my scar still healing and the hormones rushing around in my body,  hot flashes… anyone?, stiff joints getting up in the morning and feeling like a 100 years old…. anyone?, tears rolling down my cheeks because someone ate the last bit of chocolate and it wasn’t me….anyone?

“A truly life improving experience”

“ I can now join the kids on the trampoline without having to worry about my  pelvic floor” 

No one had told me about the 4th trimester.
Did "they" tell you?

The Midwife, Obstetrician, Doula and GP all failed to provide me with information about C-section after care, which if not looked after, the scar tissue can cause some really bad restrictions and block optimal function on pelvic organs in addition to creating lower back problems ( I will go into more detail about this particular issue in the program).

I started to meet up with other new Mummy friends and we did some simple releasing and strengthening exercises together. I then went on and studied/qualified with the Mamalates method and from there my little circle of friends grew, meaning I had to hire a studio and very soon the word was spreading locally and classes were always fully booked.

My movement journey really started then in every sense,  I went on to research and study everything to do with postnatal recovery, the body and movement. From biomechanics, fascia, biotensegrity, psychoneuroimmunoendocrinology ( long word for how stress and emotions manifest themselves in the body) and natural movement to collecting data and feedback from the hundreds of Mamas coming to my classes every week. With all that I created a safe and holistic birth recovery program.


Mat Level 3 Pilates Teacher ( HFE)  , Pre & Post natal exercise ( HFE), Barre ( BootyBarre),  Mamalates birth recovery method, Restorative Yoga ( Yogacampus), Trigger Point Pilates ( TPP Lydia Campbell), 52 week Biomechanics (Nutritious Movement), attended  workshops and seminars about anatomy and physiology  and the most important one to date Mama to a 4 year old.
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